Monday, November 24, 2008

Mt Charleston

On Friday Gina, Sofia, Baby Roy, Amy, Trey, Elle & I went up to Mt Charleston. We mainly went to have a kids photo shoot with the mountains in the background. It ended up being a gorgeous day & so much fun. We also took Sofia & Trey up so they could see the horses. They fed them a couple of apples & had a blast. Here are some pics!

I can't believe we got them all to sit in this log chair!

Our little Elle Bell

Isn't Trey going to be a heart breaker!

Sofia is gorgeous look at her beautiful skin!

Gina & Baby Roy!

Here is a pic of all of us at our picnic!

I love this pic of them on the tractor!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Road Trip

Hi everyone! Welcome to our "Family Blog." Elle the smart girl she is already has a blog. To check it out go to She is 11 months already. Crazy to think at this time last year we were awaiting her arrival! Here are some pics from San Diego. Elle's Great Grandma passed away so we were there for a funeral. Grandma, Aunt JuliAnne, Aunt Lauren, & I took Elle down there on a road trip. We went to the zoo & picked Lucas up and went to the beach. We ended up having a fabulous time! Elle is a great traveller, much better than any of the rest of us!

Elle LOVED the Zoo!

Too much fun at the zoo!!! We finally wore her out!

She loves the Beach too!

Getting ready to catch a wave. Future surfer chick!

1st swim in PB!

These 2 wonder why people think they look alike?

Linda's family