Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Summer Day

We were so fortunate in Vegas to have a pretty nice June, but July is not being so nice. It's been a little hectic around here! Lucas got the tip of his right middle finger caught in the rope and it was severed at a roping in Salina, UT on July 3rd. THe good news is he won money on the steer, unfortunately the bad is he will have to have it amputated just above the top joint. So he hasn't been riding much since then, but last weekend we went up to turn his horse out and Matty and Elle were hot and whiny so Aunt Chels turned the hose on for them. They were so funny. It is amazing how much a little water can entertain 2 kids. Matty liked to operate the hose and Elle was just happy she got to get soaking wet! I'm sure Tyler & Chels didn't have to water their lawn for a week!

Matty filling up the bucket for his cousin

After awhile it was Matty's nap time so Elle got to man the hose by herself. By this point her clothes were soaking so we took them off. She had to keep filling up water for her Daddy.

Watching Uncle Ty and Uncle Marcus rope

This is how she thinks it is best to drink from the hose. Luckily it was barely coming out.