Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year New Career

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so excited for this year to begin!!! I have always wanted to be my own boss/stay at home mom, but I never quite figured out how to do it. I think I finally have a plan! For Christmas Lucas bought me a sweet Digital SLR camera. So after working 10 years in the corporate world with no appreciation I can now follow the career path of something I'm passionate about. I have now decided to become a budding photographer with a focus on Families and Children. I already feel like I'm the paparazzi with my own kids so now others will feel the same!

A great source that I have found a lot of tips from is Skye Hardwick. Her blog is very inspiring, even to newbies like me. Check it out at Also right now she is having an amazing sale on her workbook and posing guide along with amazing giveaways.

Well I hope to be taking pics of everyone soon!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Fishing

I know I'm a HUGE SLACKER on my blog! Poor Brinley has no info posted about her ever. I guess with two and working my times is occupied! So I thought I would put up a couple pics from when we went fishing in June at Floyd Lamb. Shockingly JUNE in VEGAS was not hot it was about 80 and wonderful, so we took full advantage. We went on a little picnic, fished (for about 10mins), and fed the Geese.

Pink power bait of course!

Trying to keep up!

Very patient anglers!

Definitely no swimming in the pond!

Showing Brinley the Geese!

Elle didn't like this fat goose trying to get in her face and take all the bread, so dad smacked him down!

Friday, April 9, 2010


It is crazy that Easter has come and gone! IT is supposed to be warm and spring like in Vegas for Easter but it has been cold, windy, and rainy!!! Elle & Brin had 3 Easter Egg hunts, one for great grandpa Edwin's bday, a friends one at the park , and a family one at home. Too much candy for the wild girl, in fact Elle still goes outside and asks where the eggs are. So here are a few random pics from all egg hunts!

Elle wearing her rain boots & Apron.

Actual Easter day egg hunt with Brendan!

Brinley's first EASTER!

Our little bunny rabbit!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park with all Elle's friends!

Easter/Great Grandpa's Bday in Alamo

All of the Great-Grandkids (& 1 Grandkid!!!) (except for Hayden)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas is already over????

Wow time is flying!!!! I can't believe it is almost February! Having 2 little ones really puts me behind in my blog!!! So I just wanted to share a few quick pics! Elle loves being a big sister and no one can make Brinley laugh as hard as Elle. It's hard to believe she is 4 months now! So here are a few Christmas pics!

The little mischevious girl that isn't supposed to be touching the tree!

Our family photo (that is Elle's butt because she didn't want to take the pic)

Cousins opening presents Christmas Eve

Elle's favorite present her "Princess Jeep" which is actually an FJ Cruiser!

Our girls Christmas morning!

I can't believe I'm adding this one in, but its the only one I have from Christmas Day!

We took cute pics of Elle under the tree for her 1st XMAS but she wouldn't let us only take them of Brin!

Daddy and his girls!