Friday, April 24, 2009

Swim Day

So this was our first official day in the pool! We have been in the spa several times, but it was finally time to go swimming it was 90 out and we were sick of the cold and wind! I had to post this pic of Elle because she is too cute! She loves, loves, loves the water. Just splashes all around and laughs and cries when I make her get out. Also here are a few randoms from our weekend at the cabin of Matty & Elle!

Matty & Elle trying to do summer saults with Aunt Shelly

Elle has to sit on EVERYTHING!

Going for a walk or Roll down the Mtn with Grandma

Matty wasn't feeling good and we thought he had an earache so they were showing each other where each other's ears were.

Elle insisted on wearing her boots with her PJs

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer (Sort of...)

I know I'm probably biased, but these have to be the cutest boy & girl EVER! These are pics from Uncle Marcus' wedding where they were the Flower Girl & RIng Bearer (at least in thought becuase their talents weren't put to use :) )

These two insisted on sitting by themselves in the front row. They were a little noisy and Lucas & Tyler shot me glares to keep them quiet, but they were having fun and making cute noises not screaming. Matty was cracking up & Elle was busy talking on the cell phone during the ceremony.

This pic is so cute of Grandma & Elle Belle

Elle giving Matty a BIG hug!

Big smiles!

Elle loves to take pics of herself with cell phones! Look how cute Matty is sitting there just like a little man!

All of the Groomsmen... I had a bad seat!
Wearing Aunt Lauren's glasses.

Just wanted to run up with my daddy during the ceremony

Juli, Lauren, & I --- All eyes open... MIRACLE!

Elle & Dad on the way to the rehearsal dinner!