Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 2013!

New Years Resolution AGAIN!

Living so far away from our friends and family I've vowed to Blog more again this year! Although I think I spent much more time in Las Vegas than Texas in the last several months!!!

2012 was pretty great to us so I have no complaints! Elle is now 5 and is getting smarter everyday (she easily passed me by last year.) I love watching her it is almost amazing what she can read and figure out! Brinley our wild child is 3 and just wants to be as big as her big sister. She has the sweetest little voice and Lucas hounds me daily to record it. We moved in to a more permanent (until we move home) house in San Antonio in November. It is in a great school district and we have tons of neighbors with kids our girls' age. I look forward to spending some time there--- I don't enjoy it now as we are still in the remodelling phase. We converted the Family Room to our Master Bedroom, as the current Master Bath is about 4x4 without a counter and is fully tiled in pink. Also the closet space is quite lacking considering my house in Vegas' closet is the size of some small bedrooms! So Lucas designed us up a quick (oxymoron) fix! Our "Two" Week project is on week 7 without having any major snags! UHHH guess we will be inhaling dust for a few more weeks!!! On the bright side living in clutter and chaos also inspired my next resolution for staying organized! Wish me luck! My final resolution is to spend as much time enjoying my girls. I really have a hard time grasping how quickly they are growing up. In light of the Newtown Tragedy which left me sleepless for awhile I've come to trully appreciate all of their stages/phases/tantrums/screams/laughs/hugs/kisses and everything in between. I'm pretty sure I have peeked in every night to watch them sleep and will admit I'm hugging them a little tighter these days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2013! Happy New YEAR!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello again! I guess with Facebook, Facetime, Skype and everything else I've been really negligent with my blogs-- especially our family one! Lots to update everyone with!!! In November we moved to San Antonio for Lucas' job. He is running the oilfiends now-- just wish they were our oilfields :)! My girls absolutely love it here! There is so much for kids to do - museums, parks, Sea World, Six Flags, Zoo! Elle loves her preschool and ballet. Boo gets to hang with me everyday which I'm so thankful for! Spring is absolutely goregous here! The wildflowers are blooming everywhere. Spring also is the hot roping and rodeo time! Pretty much we have been travelling to all the different ropings around here, which has been fun. I really miss Vegas though! Our stay here isn't permanent so I think in my mind I am on an extended vacation! I am so thankful for the great friends I have back home and miss them terribly!!! Luckily we get to go back and visit a lot!!! Ok so here are some random pics to update ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As always our summer is hectic!!! A little update--- I've taken a little time off from photographing clients and have been playing with my family and traveling like crazy! I haven't updated our blog in forever so thought I would put up a little post! Here's our update---- JuliAnne moved back from Hawaii in June and stayed in the "Man Room" for about a month, but now she has moved to Salt Lake for about 6 months (hopefully only that long!!!) Miss her already! Lauren came back from Hawaii in July and has been bouncing all over too! She will be back and forth from Salt Lake for 3 of her 6 weddings this summer! Everybody else is pretty much the same! Here are some pics of when Lucas, Tyler, Chelsea, & I took the kids up to the cabin to go fishing! Elle, Matty G, and Brin are quite the Anglers! Even though they didn't have hooks on their fishing poles they are quite the casters and did it for about an hour. I think if they got a bite they wouldn't know what to do anyway! We had a great trip and it was so cute watching these 2 dads NOT get fustrated - especially since they think they are quite the fishing guides! Hidden Lake wasn't stocked with fish- so that is why we caught ZERO fish- of course!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Butterfly Blog is up!

Hi everyone! I'm working on my portfolio now, but here are some pics from a couple shoots! The Social Butterfly Photography Blog can be found at Website coming soon!

PS- I'm looking to take some bridals and engagement pics (or couple pics) let me know if you are interested!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So here is my logo and a few pics from the park the other day!

4 Moms & 8 kids! Such a gorgeous day too!



Roy IV


Amy & Taylor

Roy, Ava, Elle, & Alex

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year New Career

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so excited for this year to begin!!! I have always wanted to be my own boss/stay at home mom, but I never quite figured out how to do it. I think I finally have a plan! For Christmas Lucas bought me a sweet Digital SLR camera. So after working 10 years in the corporate world with no appreciation I can now follow the career path of something I'm passionate about. I have now decided to become a budding photographer with a focus on Families and Children. I already feel like I'm the paparazzi with my own kids so now others will feel the same!

A great source that I have found a lot of tips from is Skye Hardwick. Her blog is very inspiring, even to newbies like me. Check it out at Also right now she is having an amazing sale on her workbook and posing guide along with amazing giveaways.

Well I hope to be taking pics of everyone soon!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Fishing

I know I'm a HUGE SLACKER on my blog! Poor Brinley has no info posted about her ever. I guess with two and working my times is occupied! So I thought I would put up a couple pics from when we went fishing in June at Floyd Lamb. Shockingly JUNE in VEGAS was not hot it was about 80 and wonderful, so we took full advantage. We went on a little picnic, fished (for about 10mins), and fed the Geese.

Pink power bait of course!

Trying to keep up!

Very patient anglers!

Definitely no swimming in the pond!

Showing Brinley the Geese!

Elle didn't like this fat goose trying to get in her face and take all the bread, so dad smacked him down!