Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elle's Bday Party!

Happy Birthday Elle! Elle turned 1 on Dec. 17th. She kind of had a rager of a 1st birthday party. Probably has more friends than I do!!! I guess that is because she is so much fun to be around!!! There are a zillion pictures and also some of our snow day. Crazy that Vegas had the snowiest day ever on her birthday!!! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

I thought this was precious of her watching the snow!

This laugh cracks me up too!

Cute snow bear!

Crawling in the wet snow. She was fascinated!

Her first present! A cowgirl doll from Aunt "Bo"

Party time... playing with my 1 year old friend Fiona

Family bday photo. Dad was actually a good sport at my party although his face doesn't reflect that!

My Grandma & Grandpa!!!

Cousin Matty came too!

My rocking chair from Grandma!

This is the cutest gift I've ever seen! Gma V & Grandpa Dan sent me my very own spurs and pink rope!!!!! Can't wait until she can use these! Like father like daughter!

Giving Matty a big smooch!

Elle now has her own super cute Uggs from Aunt Schell

Taylor, Elle, Nicole, Aunt JuliAnne & Aunt Lauren

Roy IV & Gina hanging out!

Lucas, Tara, & Eric

Her birthday present! She loves this thing! We bought Matty one too for his bday and he lvoes it to! Now they will probably play bumper cars!

Here comes cake time! She was hillarious to watch. She tried to bite the cake with her mouth but couldn't reach it so I had to move it closer! It was yummy!!!

Apparently one hand was not enough!

I can get it in faster if I cut the eating with my hands part out!

Grandpa & the birthday girl!

Aunt Schelle, & Aunt Brandy & us

The girls again! Michelle, Anna, Tara & Brandy

Elle wasn't too interested in the presents there were too many people to occupy her! She dug the paper though!

Christine & Grandma!!!

Aunt Lauren rescued me!

Some of my friends that came... we lost a few babies along the way!
Dana, Austin, Josh, Gina, Roy IV, Sofia, Elle, Linda, Tevis, Alex, Jim, & Ava
The twins turned 1 on Sunday! Happy BDAY!

Sofia is so good with the babies (That are 1 now, I guess not really babies anymore) She was cracking Elle up & Pushing her car for her!

Elle & her dad playing after her big party!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

So last week Chelsea, Grandma Dell, JuliAnne, and I took Elle & Matty to have their pics taken with Santa. Not a happy day for the babies. They are sligthly afraid of Santa. Neither one would sit with Santa by themselves so we had to settle for Mom & baby & Santa pics. Elle waved at him and clapped for him except when it came time for her to sit with them.

Elle before we left for the mall.

Here is our family pic!

Elle still isn't so sure even though I'm the one sitting on Santa's lap. A little strange for me!

Mom please don't leave....

and here is the melt down taking her headband off and all!

Our family Christmas picture!

Uncle Marcus & Elle & Tucker

Finally Happy AGAIN!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Preparing for Christmas!

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a great time! We went to Alamo to Elle's Grandparents house. It was small this year only about 12 of us. It was kind of an eventful day. JuliAnne & I had to drive Grandma Lois to Caliente to get the packing taken out of her nose and hope it would stop bleeding. So we escaped cooking and stuff for a few hours, but expected it to be finished when we got back, shocking it wasn't! So in the meantime we went to the park where Elle ate the leaves and sand, since she was so hungry! Thanksgiving dinner was excellent! We played games, and even the boys played too! Friday we went to Cherry Creek to cut down our Christmas Trees! Not very many great trees, we searched for hours until Tyler spotted a 25 foot tree and we took 11 feet of it! It is the biggest tree we have ever had. (I ran out of ornaments, but luckily they stop just above Elle's reach) So hope you enjoy the pics!

Swinging with Uncle Marcus

This pic is where Lauren almost made me fall off the swings, because she insisted on swinging with Chica on the leash. You had to be there to think it was funny!

Aunt Juli & I waiting for dinner still!

I guess this is the girls table!

Lauren making JuliAnne bob for apples during Cranium

Lucas & Lauren on our way to Cherry Creek!

This is the first pic of Elle never getting in trouble. Dad told her no and she started bawling and what is he doing hugging her and telling her its ok.

My Aunt Lauren, no My Aunt Lauren!
This pic is for Lauren! She wanted to keep the head!

I guess it took 3 of them to load the tree?

She still loves to ride her horse, does it 20 times a day! It probably needs new horse shoes!

Here I go!

Fiona's 1st Birthday!