Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

So I have to admit, Elle has a little obsession with shoes, just like her Mom. My neighbor brought over some "High Heels" for Elle to play with. She loved them and thought they were fantastic. You can't tell from the pics here, but she was super sick with the Flu that day. This was about the only thing that made her smile or walk without being carried. She then fortunately passed the flu on to me, but I have the WORLDS GREATEST Mother-In-Law so she rescued us!

She decided the hat didn't go well with the Binky & Shoes!
She could even walk in them which was funnier!
She walked all the way down the hall with them on to find Grandpa when he came in.
This was the same day and she normally LOVES baths but the flu made her crazy and she was throwing a tantrum until the camera came out and she turned on the charm for her Grandma.
So innocent and sweet...
until you tell her to get out and its bedtime!!!