Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day & Reno

Ok, so I'm a big slacker!!! I will get things more up to date! Well I'm just about to start my 3rd trimester and am feeling pretty good, but am dreading the hot summer!!! Here are some pics from the Mother's Day Tea. Elle wasn't having her best day, until Zowie Bowie performed. She was a dancing machine!!! Grandma, Aunt Juli, Aunt Lauren, Michelle, Gina, & Sofia joined us. It was a fun event!!! Then there are a couple pics of our trip to see Baker & Erica & Ella. Lucas golfed with Baker so us girls just hung out. Elle & Ella are pretty funny together! More pics to come soon!!!

Lauren & Elle

Michelle & Me

Gina, Sofia, Elle, & Lauren getting ready to start dancing!

Elle not cooperating!

Here we are on stage dancing w/Zowie Bowie! You can't tell from this pic but Elle was having a blast dancing up there! Marley & Chris are fantastic! The girls all had a great time!

Oh by the Way its "Hat's Off to Child Focus MOther's Day Tea" .... thats why some of us are wearing hats!

Grandma & Elle Belle

Elle & Ella lounging around

Erica is very happy right now she didn't have twins!

Bath time! These two were so funny funning up and down the halls in their diapers. They wouldn't look at us in the tub so we made their dads come in there so they would look up!

Elle loves to swing, so needless to say when her turn was up melt down time!!!

Wagon ride to check the mail!

Elle wore Ella's flower head band for hours, but its soooo cute!

Daddy & Elle playing outside

The girls right before we had to leave! Thanks BAKERS! We had lots of fun!

Aunt Juli & Elle

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Lauren said...

Elle is so cute in the flower headband! The Mother's Day Tea turned out great!! Thanks for inviting me, I had a blast. I hope I get to see Zowie Bowie again...they were fun :)