Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We need to move to the BEACH!!!

Last week we rented a beach house in Carlsbad. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! We were so sad to leave it. The weather was amazing. I'm really blessed that I don't feel to bad when I'm pregnant, but when I was there I felt even more TERRIFIC (except that Lucas run/walks and I can't keep up!) Lucas, Elle, and I came down on Sat, then Grandma & Aunt Lo came Mon. Lucas went home on Tues and came back with Aunt Juli & Grandpa on Thurs and we stayed until Sat. We pretty much spent most of our time at the beach, but we went to Del Mar and Sea World (those pics for another blog, since this one has a million pics.) Elle is like her momma she loves the ocean. I'm so glad we spent some time down there, I spent most of my summers growing up in San Diego with my mom and grandparents, and I really want Elle to have that too. Elle is talking a lot and I mean a lot, she is a little motor mouth, but so much fun! Lucas would distract her and tell her Nemo was in the ocean and she would go looking for him and was a little worried about Nemo. There were also some snails outside the house and she would check them out everyday, and just says "NAILS" so cute! Sorry for the novel!

Our first stop at Del Mar (yes I picked another winner!)

Sitting on our front lawn

Elle is not afraid at all of the water she loves it, but this wave took her down so Daddy rescued her!

Waving to dad on the beach.

Getting ready to build sandcastles!

Lauren & I having a great day!

Aunt Lo & Elle right before Elle pummels her with sand!

Splashing around with Grandma!

Checking out to see if the waves were big enough!

Our last day at the BEACH :(

She even has her Grandpa wrapped around her finger. She got him to come down to the beach and go walking with her, and he hates the Ocean and Sand!

Destroying sand castles

Throwing sand!

Picking Grandma a winner at Del Mar

Dumping sand on the towel that was supposed to be sand free!

Trying to get Grandma to body surf again!

Cutest face and wildest hair!

Reading US Weekly with Grandma we are teaching her early!

Can't tell I have a large baby bump here!

See you next year beach house!


michelle faber said...

I love the Leavitts! So glad you guys had a wonderful looked fabulous! Just one thing though; you forgot to take ME! :) hugs and love to all-meeshellay!

Milly said...

how fun elle looked like she had a blast !!!

The Higbee's said...

What a fun trip, I think that beats swimming in Cave Lake any day !Ha ha ha You look so good I can't believe only a few more weeks till that sweet baby gets here. WE Can't wait. Love to all of you

B and L said...

Looks like you all had so much fun. We were in Del Mar last September and loved it!!