Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas is already over????

Wow time is flying!!!! I can't believe it is almost February! Having 2 little ones really puts me behind in my blog!!! So I just wanted to share a few quick pics! Elle loves being a big sister and no one can make Brinley laugh as hard as Elle. It's hard to believe she is 4 months now! So here are a few Christmas pics!

The little mischevious girl that isn't supposed to be touching the tree!

Our family photo (that is Elle's butt because she didn't want to take the pic)

Cousins opening presents Christmas Eve

Elle's favorite present her "Princess Jeep" which is actually an FJ Cruiser!

Our girls Christmas morning!

I can't believe I'm adding this one in, but its the only one I have from Christmas Day!

We took cute pics of Elle under the tree for her 1st XMAS but she wouldn't let us only take them of Brin!

Daddy and his girls!

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