Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

So last week Chelsea, Grandma Dell, JuliAnne, and I took Elle & Matty to have their pics taken with Santa. Not a happy day for the babies. They are sligthly afraid of Santa. Neither one would sit with Santa by themselves so we had to settle for Mom & baby & Santa pics. Elle waved at him and clapped for him except when it came time for her to sit with them.

Elle before we left for the mall.

Here is our family pic!

Elle still isn't so sure even though I'm the one sitting on Santa's lap. A little strange for me!

Mom please don't leave....

and here is the melt down taking her headband off and all!

Our family Christmas picture!

Uncle Marcus & Elle & Tucker

Finally Happy AGAIN!

Merry Christmas!


B and L said...

I'm sure you all made Santa's day!!! He looked very jolly!!!

JuliAnne Leavitt said...

Her little dress was so cute! I am glad i got to witness her first time w/ santa! Elle's b-day is coming up! Totally crazy that we have had her around for a year now.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

that is hilarious linda. i think its part of childhood initiation to be scared of santa and scream your head off if left alone on his lap. Her little dress is so cute and you and chels are good sports for sitting on santas lap in proxy for your children. I love the christmas picture. You guys look so great and your tree is so pretty. i bet it smells wonderful! Hope you guys have a wonderful christmas. xoxo

Amber and David said...

Linda! I saw your link on Theresa and Dave's blog and thought I'd say hi! I can't believe how big Elle is and that she'll be one in a couple of days! Hasn't the past year just flown by? It's good to see that you guys are doing well! Our blog is if you want to check it out!

Nilsson Family said...

Daxton is not so sure about sants either but hes getting better. She looks so cute. I can't wait to see her walking and stuff at christmas, it will be fun to see everybody.