Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Preparing for Christmas!

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a great time! We went to Alamo to Elle's Grandparents house. It was small this year only about 12 of us. It was kind of an eventful day. JuliAnne & I had to drive Grandma Lois to Caliente to get the packing taken out of her nose and hope it would stop bleeding. So we escaped cooking and stuff for a few hours, but expected it to be finished when we got back, shocking it wasn't! So in the meantime we went to the park where Elle ate the leaves and sand, since she was so hungry! Thanksgiving dinner was excellent! We played games, and even the boys played too! Friday we went to Cherry Creek to cut down our Christmas Trees! Not very many great trees, we searched for hours until Tyler spotted a 25 foot tree and we took 11 feet of it! It is the biggest tree we have ever had. (I ran out of ornaments, but luckily they stop just above Elle's reach) So hope you enjoy the pics!

Swinging with Uncle Marcus

This pic is where Lauren almost made me fall off the swings, because she insisted on swinging with Chica on the leash. You had to be there to think it was funny!

Aunt Juli & I waiting for dinner still!

I guess this is the girls table!

Lauren making JuliAnne bob for apples during Cranium

Lucas & Lauren on our way to Cherry Creek!

This is the first pic of Elle never getting in trouble. Dad told her no and she started bawling and what is he doing hugging her and telling her its ok.

My Aunt Lauren, no My Aunt Lauren!
This pic is for Lauren! She wanted to keep the head!

I guess it took 3 of them to load the tree?

She still loves to ride her horse, does it 20 times a day! It probably needs new horse shoes!

Here I go!

Fiona's 1st Birthday!


B and L said...

She is so cute. We'll be home on the 26th, we need to get together!!

Theresa Rodriguez said...

Linda! I am so glad you commented on my blog. I love love love yours and the pictures of your family are so cute. I sure enjoy the leavitts and am glad to be able to read about how all you guys are doing. Your daughter is so stinkin cute. I cant wait till draven is old enough to walk. Exciting times! Thanks for the sweet compliments on my blog. Keep in touch xoxo

Chelsea Leavitt said...

Linda, I wish that we could have got video of the boys playing Cranium. Marcus' Shrek impersonation was priceless. It was so dang funny and pictures don't do it justice.

Vera Dell Leavitt said...

Thanks for all your help with Little Grandma Lo. I like the photo shoot you and JuliAnne had with grandma at the hospital on Thanksgiving day. Thanks for all you do for our family - especially for my son, and giving us our first little grand-daughter little Elle. Love you guys, Gramma Dell

Lauren said...

That was such a fun Thanksgiving! It's pretty amazing that we got the boys to play cranium with was hilarious. We'll have to play again for Christmas! Love you guys:)