Monday, November 24, 2008

Mt Charleston

On Friday Gina, Sofia, Baby Roy, Amy, Trey, Elle & I went up to Mt Charleston. We mainly went to have a kids photo shoot with the mountains in the background. It ended up being a gorgeous day & so much fun. We also took Sofia & Trey up so they could see the horses. They fed them a couple of apples & had a blast. Here are some pics!

I can't believe we got them all to sit in this log chair!

Our little Elle Bell

Isn't Trey going to be a heart breaker!

Sofia is gorgeous look at her beautiful skin!

Gina & Baby Roy!

Here is a pic of all of us at our picnic!

I love this pic of them on the tractor!

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Nilsson Family said...

How fun, I haven't been on a picnic for a really long time... I am glad you found my blog. I love to look at pictures. And I can't believe her eyes in the big picture on the top, they are so beautiful.