Saturday, January 24, 2009

Camping Trip @ Uncle Chet's

Happy New Year Everyone!! So I'm a bit of a slacker these days. This is our first blog entry of the New Year. Here are just a couple cute pics from our first camping trip this year! It was our Nephew Matty's first camping trip too. The kids loved it! Love being outside & eating Uncle Chet's potatoes. The guys didn't fare so well in the roping, but will get them next time!

Our wild little girl running around the camp!

Chet & Lucas whipping up Dinner

Elle & Matty sitting by the fire!

This is what I found when I came home one day. Elle & Lucas eating my Chex Mix that Grandma V especially made for me!!!! But they were so cute I let them have it.


Vera Dell Leavitt said...

Looks like great fun! Adorable pictures of my babies. They will love it this summer at the ropings and getting to be outdoors more. Keep up the good work, Linda, so fun to look at. Love, VD

The Higbee's said...

O.K. what kind of camping trips have couches by the fire? Looks like fun though,I didn't know Lucas was a cook. (One of his many hidden talents I'm sure.) Call the next time your in town.Give Elle loves for us,we had so much fun with her the other night Tay says next time she gets to sleepover though !!! Love Ya, Kitten