Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kissing Cousins

We were up to Uncle Loud Man & Anut Chels' house the other day and this was the nicest Elle & Matty have ever been to each other. Matty was giving everyone kisses and Elle even gave Matty a big wet smooch! Matty doesn't really like to eat food, but Elle sure does. So Matty the nice boy he was fed Elle his bites of Granola bar, which she gladly accepted! They are so fun right now, but definitely have minds of their own! (Just stubborn like their dads!) Here are some pics of when Johnny came over and LeAnne's wedding too!

So cute!

Elle reciprocating and making Matty took some coaxing on both ends!

We are on to you Matty eat your food don't feed it to Ellie!

Rocking w/Grandpa & talking on the phone! Multi-tasker already!

She kept putting Grandma's glasses on. Hopefully she will never need them!

I stole her treasured binky right out of her mouth!

It was so nice here last weekend that Lucas & I took her to the park!

She loved the swings, but I was so bored of pushing her back & forth!

All of us girls at LeAnne's wedding. Lauren was her Maid of Honor. Sorry Elle this isn't a good pic of you, but it was the only one with Aunt JuliAnne's eyes open!!!

Bride & MOH

Elle is so funny when she smells flowers she does a little shutter!

Cousins playing at Aunt Shelly's house. Elle now thinks she should only run and climb over stuff after watching the "Big" kids!

Johnny was so cute & nice to Elle and she just adores him!


Vera Dell Leavitt said...

Linda, these pictures are so cute! Elle and Matty are so dang adorable. Elle is so funny, what a personality, she just makes me laugh. Love you, sweet baby girl, Grandma Dell

The Higbee's said...

Oh she's soooo dang cute ! I want just want to squeeze her till she pops. Her and Matty together are going to be TROUBLE in a few years. Good Luck to you and Chelsea both ha ha !

Nilsson Family said...

Linda, you really do take good pictures, you capture the best moments. Or should I be giving credit to grandma Dell since she is always the one snapping the flashes!! Love the ones of her and Matty. Thats so fun that they are so close in age.