Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As always our summer is hectic!!! A little update--- I've taken a little time off from photographing clients and have been playing with my family and traveling like crazy! I haven't updated our blog in forever so thought I would put up a little post! Here's our update---- JuliAnne moved back from Hawaii in June and stayed in the "Man Room" for about a month, but now she has moved to Salt Lake for about 6 months (hopefully only that long!!!) Miss her already! Lauren came back from Hawaii in July and has been bouncing all over too! She will be back and forth from Salt Lake for 3 of her 6 weddings this summer! Everybody else is pretty much the same! Here are some pics of when Lucas, Tyler, Chelsea, & I took the kids up to the cabin to go fishing! Elle, Matty G, and Brin are quite the Anglers! Even though they didn't have hooks on their fishing poles they are quite the casters and did it for about an hour. I think if they got a bite they wouldn't know what to do anyway! We had a great trip and it was so cute watching these 2 dads NOT get fustrated - especially since they think they are quite the fishing guides! Hidden Lake wasn't stocked with fish- so that is why we caught ZERO fish- of course!!!

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