Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello again! I guess with Facebook, Facetime, Skype and everything else I've been really negligent with my blogs-- especially our family one! Lots to update everyone with!!! In November we moved to San Antonio for Lucas' job. He is running the oilfiends now-- just wish they were our oilfields :)! My girls absolutely love it here! There is so much for kids to do - museums, parks, Sea World, Six Flags, Zoo! Elle loves her preschool and ballet. Boo gets to hang with me everyday which I'm so thankful for! Spring is absolutely goregous here! The wildflowers are blooming everywhere. Spring also is the hot roping and rodeo time! Pretty much we have been travelling to all the different ropings around here, which has been fun. I really miss Vegas though! Our stay here isn't permanent so I think in my mind I am on an extended vacation! I am so thankful for the great friends I have back home and miss them terribly!!! Luckily we get to go back and visit a lot!!! Ok so here are some random pics to update ya'll!!!

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