Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I can feed myself!

Hi everyone! Elle was cracking me up today, like normal I guess. She is very insistent on being a big girl! She wanted to feed herself, apparently I can't get it in her mouth fast enough. I guess its one of two ways, either your child will eat nothing or eat everything. Elle is on the everything, although it is not as easy as it seems. If anyone is eating she thinks she deserves a bite no matter who it is or if she is hungry or not. I think she is going to have the fastest metabolism when she grows up. Anyways here are some pics of her being a "big girl" feeding herself oatmeal for breakfast!

Once it landed in her hair she looked up at me like uh-oh!

Then she decided it was funny and was shoveling it in her mouth and on the floor to Lola.

She had to get every last bit of oatmeal out of the bowl!

All done!

Lucas was roping her stuffed animals the other day with this and now all she does is carry her rope around swinging her arms, its pretty funny!

Playing outside

She has the sweetest face...sometimes!

Nice little animal lover!

Loves to be outside!

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The Higbee's said...

She is getting big way to fast. I have a feeling she will be VERY independant,the feeding herself is just the beginning. And her face is sweet all the time especially with oatmeal in her hair.